MER Client Services

Job Description Development

Hiring the right person is our shared goal. M.E.R. has extensive experience in assisting our clients in tailoring the language and requirements outlined in a job specification for the Customer Management Professional. We know the language of our industry and how to tailor your job description.


We subscribe to– Job Descriptions are Important. A successful search needs to have a defined description and M.E.R. Inc. can ensure your job description gets noticed.


The jobs appropriate for an organization come directly from the organization’s mission and structure. Based on an analysis of the organization’s mission, goals and programs or activities:


• Identify the values that should be reflected by all staff
• Establish the tasks or functions that need to be done
• Group the tasks into meaningful and challenging jobs
• Determine the experience, knowledge, skills and other characteristics that are required
• Consider any special working conditions or physical requirements
• Consider the internal equity and external recognition implications of job titles


For each employee, a good job description helps the incumbent to understand:


• Their duties and responsibilities
• The relative importance of their duties
• How their position contributes to the mission, goals and objectives of the organization